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Whats in my bag?

ALSO! Golden Russet
Fuji apple


Fuji is well known apple developed in Japan in the 1940’s. It has a predominantly sweet, mild flavor and is refreshingly juicy and crisp. It is a very pretty apple, with pink, speckled skin and creamy colored flesh, and is best used as a fresh eating apple. Its commercial popularity is due in part to its excellent keeping qualities.

Jonagold apple


Jonagold is a cross between sweet Golden Delicious and tart Jonathan developed in Geneva, NY. These two parent apples produced an apple with a wonderful balanced sweetness - a honey flavor and a hint of tartness. This fluffy crisp and juicy apple is great for eating, baking and sauce. Jonagolds make great fried apples. Simply saute in coconut oil and add a little cinnamon.

Fall 2018 CSA Information

We have ONE MORE pick up left! 

(November 16-17, 2018)

Thanks to everyone for making this season possible!

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